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Theme issue

Hi! My name is Joakim. I am a swedish born designer and creative director based in Copenhagen.

I’m good at creating products and experience that’s distinct and speaks a clear understandable language. Often in cutting edge technologies such as virtual reality, installations or experiential websites. Other times I do regular ol’ dotcoms or service design.

Forecasting and strategy is also something I enjoy doing. This means researching future cataclysmic technologies like autonomous vehicles, AI or mixed realities and predicting how they will impact markets and businesses.

Sometimes I talk about my work to students or other professionals. For example at Hyper Island, KEA and the occasional conference. I have regular jury duty for Awwwwards, Webby & Lovie awards.

Have a nice day!


I've been working with danish radio station Radio24syv in expanding their digital presence. In the first phase we created a "listener app" for the modern commuter that now has a couple of hundred thousand daily users.

For the second phase we looked at their most important tool: The website. We saw a pattern of user coming in, clicking on "play live radio" and then becoming idle. Our strategy was to activate these sleepers and help them take part of the expanding journalistic content available on the site.

Mission accomplished: Since launch dwell time increased by 300%, unique visitors by 25% and bounce rate has been cut in half.

Lovie Awards
Silver Best User Interface Mobile

Danish Internet awards
Winner Best App Design

Lovie Awards
Gold Website Media & Streaming

Creative Circle
Shortlist Service driven apps and sites


For The University of Southern Denmark I've created a totally sick quantum physics learning resource called Quantum Rascals. Wubba lubba dub dub!

Together with danish science museum Experimentarium I've been creating digital experiments and a variety of e-learning tools aimed at families and kids in their pre-teens.

Have a look at one of them in the casefilm.

Lovie Awards
Gold Winner Education & E-learning
Shortlist Best Visual Design

Danish Internet awards
Winner App technology
+ Three nominations

Webby Awards
Two nominations

Creative Circle
Service driven apps and sites


At Molamil we work with a lot of cutting edge technology. Virtual and augmented reality is one of those tech areas where we focus the most.

I've created everything from simpler AR app experiences to web based VR to full room scale VR games and experiences.

I've given a few lectures and workshops on VR in general, but also on how to design both UX and UI in virtual reality.

Some examples of VR and AR work Molamil has created for Oticon:

Danish Internet awards
Winner Innovative use of tech
Winner Emerging Platform